What is the price of privacy? What value can be tagged at privacy?

An interesting question to ask organisations as it reflects the investment they make to secure and protect their data, employees, consumers, reputation etcetera.

The webinar taking place tomorrow, (Thursday, March 26th) will discuss struggle to maintain privacy in relation to core business and the demand by employees, society or legislation. This webinar will also examine two recent global studies; The IAPP-EY Annual Privacy Governance Report and Cisco’s From Privacy to Profit: Achieving Positive Returns on Privacy Investments, which detail behind the investments of organisations in privacy and the Return-On-Investment.

The expert panel of speakers includes; Sagi Leizerov, Senior Vice President of Dataguise, Tony De Boss Global Data Protection and Privacy Leader at EY, and Harvey Jang, Cisco’s Chief Privacy Officer. These speakers will discuss the strategies used to address privacy within an organisation and provide additional insights from their experience dealing with various privacy program models.

Key takeaways:

  • Decisions and expenditures organisations are making to address privacy needs
  • The allocation of funds and investments across the enterprise and how they are typically budgeted and managed
  • Benefits that can be gained and measured as a result of the mentioned strategies

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Format: 45 minute presentation, 15 minute live audience Q&A
Title: Build the Case: Increase Your Data Privacy Investment (and ROI)
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020
Time: 04:00 PM GMT
Duration: 1 hour

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