It's a proven fact that 97 percent of visitors leave a web page within the first 20 seconds if it isn't engaging. What does that mean for you? It means that if your business website doesn't get straight to the point, and convince the reader otherwise, they will hover over that little red cross in the corner. If they do that, you may well have lost a client or customer. Here are five tips to help make sure your business website content is as successful as possible. 

1. Understand your audience and write what they want

Find out what content your audience want to read about and ensure they are 'evergreen' topics. These are topics which will always be relevant to your industry, and will never go out of fashion. Perhaps there are particular problems in your industry which are never solved, and so crop up again and again. If you produce content that is both informative and timeless, you are guaranteed to see more visitors to your site.

An example of a story that isn't evergreen news, or a piece about an event at a particular time in the year, as it won't be relevant once the time has passed. 

2. Update older content that is out of date

There are always developments, even in evergreen topics, so update your existing content to keep it fresh. If you don't, someone else will, and they will steal your customers. As well as updating the body text you can also consider updating meta-tags (this is the language which Google reads, and it helps with your website SEO ranking).

When you’ve updated a page, make a note on the page that it has been updated and give a short summary of the main content changes that the reader may be interested in. This will ensure that your readers know that your content is always current, as well as allowing them to hone in on the information most relevant to them.

3. Make sure that visitors to the site leave with something valuable

Create high-quality, useful content that actually adds value and helps people. This is the crucial factor – without this nothing matters. As competition becomes more and more fierce and Google more sophisticated (that's where SEO comes in again), your website copy must be of a higher standard. If you want your content to attract prospects and turn them into leads it must be useful and relevant. If you are able to convince the reader that you have something of value to offer them, whether through a succinct explanation of your services or product, or via information convincing them that you are an expert in your field, your website is a success.

4. Make your content ‘problem-to-solution' focused

If you can solve problems for your audience then you will have succeeded in making high quality content. In your content, describe the problem and then outline the answer – you can then give your audience a taster of the solution. The key is to not give the full solution, but to convince the reader that you have the know-how to provide them with the product or service that they need. To access this of course, they will need to pay.

So in effect you are saying; ‘I know you have this problem. Here is a partial solution that you can implement. But to save time and get it done perfectly, hire us!’

5. Offer your website content in several formats

People consume content in different ways – some like to read, some listen, some watch. Therefore offer all formats to your audience and at the same time do yourself an SEO favour!

A blog post can be turned into a PDF and offered on the page for download and printing, this can then be uploaded to a PDF directory like and linked back to the original article on your site.

Read out the blog post and record it, then you will have an mp3 which can go on iTunes and be embedded in the page.

Create a Powerpoint of the main points and upload to, you can then combine the audio and Powerpoint to create a video which can be uploaded to Youtube.

From one single piece of content you have created four media types and each one can be syndicated and linked back to your website creating quality backlinks. If you make use of one or more of these tips, you'll be sure to see more visitors to your website, and consequently, more leads generated.


By Rob Keating, Owner of Lead Generation Websites.

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