- 16 March 2016, 12:00 in Apps

Omni-channel or Omni-shambles? How to Keep Customers ‘Appy

Consumer attitudes to shopping are constantly evolving and it’s predicted that by 2024, nearly half (42%) of all retail sales will be done via a smartphone. As such it’s crucial for retailers to invest in mobile apps in order to meet consumer demands and deliver that crucial ‘omni-channel’ experience.

However, recent research from leading app UK developer, Apadmi, suggests that current retail apps aren’t up to scratch with 59%...

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- 15 June 2020, 08:00 in Customer Experience

5G will advance all of society as we know it

“2020 is the year of 5G.” How many times have we heard that phrase, or...

- 2 February 2016, 10:00 in Apps

Apps are Great, but Text has its Place

Mobile has completely transformed the way we communicate in recent years, and there isn't a...

- 8 January 2016, 17:00 in Apps

Sporting Mouth App Challenges Brands to take Unique Approach to Euro 2016

"It's patently absurd that you can copyright the words ‘World Cup’, which we used in our app, but that's what FIFA has been able to do,” John Owrid, chair of Sporting Mouth

- 2 December 2015, 13:00 in Apps

BYOA - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has irrevocably changed the workplace. Inviting employees to use their own hardware has given them a chance to use a...

- 26 November 2015, 12:00 in Apps

5 Things to Consider When Taking your App Global

These are amazing times to be a startup. Internationalisation used to require a huge financial investment. Any mistakes made were very costly and...

- 11 November 2015, 08:00 in Apps

The Skys the Limit with Travel Apps

These days it seems travel apps that let people compare and book flights, secure a last-minute hotel, explore a new city, or find their favourite...

- 30 October 2015, 08:00 in Apps

Most Apps are Zombies Developers Need New Ways to Generate Revenue

It is a scene played out on every smartphone and tablet. A user downloads an app and uses it frequently for a month or two before shifting his...

- 16 October 2015, 13:00 in Apps

Brand Marketing Strategies: Customer Acquisition vs Re-Acquisition

When it comes to developing a revenue generating app, initial customer interaction is only one part of the story for brand mobile marketing...

- 7 October 2015, 15:00 in Apps

Integration - The Future of Mobile Apps?

Since Apple launched its app store in 2008, the way we interact with our favourite brands and services has never been the same. That everyday phrase...

- 2 October 2015, 10:00 in Apps

App Store Optimisation: 10 Ways to Climb the Charts

The app stores have become a crowded space. Recent estimates suggest that Google Play & the App Store each have over 1.5 million apps available...

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