While the landscape has changed with regards to the explosion of data, the questions you need to answer as marketers haven’t.

You still need to answer the following questions; How do I find the right customers? How do I deliver impact and make sure I stand out? And how do I drive enough sales to grow my business?

You have more choice than ever before in how to approach these questions. And that has complicated things. This session will help to shed light on how to achieve the above using GA360.

Join us on 15th March at 14.30 (GMT) to take a complimentary deep-dive into the ever-changing domain of digital marketing analytics, led by Google UK's Chris Grimsey.

Chris will be putting Digital Analytics under the microscope in this exclusive, free-to-join webinar, where he will teach you about 'Adapting Measurement Strategies for Modern Marketing’. 

Chris is a Sales Engineer for Google Analytics 360 in the UK, and as part of the upcoming Integrated Live Marketing Summit 2017, he will be sharing actionable advice and insights into this fast-moving area of modern marketing.   

Chris works with enterprise customers to offer a cross-channel, highly integrated marketing measurement suite. His areas of expertise include digital marketing, data management and emerging digital technologies, and with experience both client and vendor side, Chris has experience in understanding the challenges organisations face when it comes to making sense and actioning on large data sets. 

Click here to register for free, and learn from one of the world's leading marketing analytics business’, and put their expertise into practice for your own.


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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