Ruler Analytics, the visitor level marketing analytics and call tracking provider, has launched Ruler Re-Provided to bring back the keywords marketers can’t get elsewhere.

The business has developed the new offering to help marketers combat the damage caused from Google’s ‘Not Provided’. Introduced in 2011, this removed the data that businesses relied on to help understand which organic keywords generated leads and revenue.

Ruler Analytics is the first to launch re-provided keywords alongside visitor level conversion and phone call tracking, for a fully comprehensive marketing analytics solution.

Ruler Re-Provided allows marketers to expose a keyword used during an organic search,

solving the considerable SEO barrier caused by Google. Combining this information with the attribution for online enquiries and phone calls at keyword level, the software allows marketers to better inform their marketing strategies and base decisions on fact, rather than guess work.

The feature works by looking at which keywords rank for a particular landing page from Google Organic traffic, as well as the amount of search volume and estimated click through rate. It then matches this information to the visitor journey, conversion or phone call to reveal the exact source of the lead.

The findings are clearly displayed on a dashboard to show the full list of keyword variations that rank for a given landing page. It also shows the most likely keyword to have generated the visit and conversion or lead, as well as the detail of the lead itself.

Ian Leadbetter, director at Ruler Analytics, said:

“For years, since Google introduced Not-Provided, hundreds of thousands of digital marketers have been seeking the data that would help them understand which organic keywords helped generate leads. Ruler Re-Provided puts the full power of search engines back into the hands of these marketers.

“Now that Ruler Analytics can ‘re-provide’ these keywords, together with detailed call tracking and the customer acquisition journey, marketers are able to fully justify their marketing spend, providing evidence of ROI (Return on Investment) and a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) at keyword level.”

Ruler Analytics’ software removes jargon heavy digital metrics, and instead speaks to marketers and management in commercially relevant terms that demonstrate clearly an impact on the bottom line. The software can track leads through a company’s CRM and attribute that to the original Google Analytics’ data, meaning marketers can get complete clarity on every pound and pence of their marketing budget.

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