Awareness of truck advertising is virtually non-existent in the UK, especially compared to places like America. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

Truck advertising is surprisingly simple; “you take a commercial trailer or lorry already making deliveries and replace its existing livery (if any) with the branding of a company not associated with the truck.”

It sounds simple but there are a lot of misconceptions.

Firstly these aren’t the ones you see parked in a field at the side of motorway, truck advertising moves you’re branding physically up and down the country on a daily basis.

Secondly, contrary to popular belief truck advertising doesn’t have to be national, in fact it’s possible to find routes covering regions or even along specific routes. For instance lately we’ve been working with a client who wanted to target the A1(M) from Doncaster down to London, for us this easy as we already have existing contacts with hauliers who are willing for their trailers to be used effectively as billboards. It’s just the case of asking the question, “Do you have any regular routes here?”

Thirdly, you don’t have to have the whole truck. You can select anything from the back doors to a specific side of a vehicle, what better way of seeing if truck advertising works for you than having a trail advert on the back of a few trailers and measuring the response.

Those are just some of the common misconceptions, myself and the team here hear on a regular basis. Once you’ve got passed that you can actually do some really cool things with the trailer. We can create 3D effects, we’re in the process of launching a campaign where it will look like an owl will be swooping down to pick up your car or making a trailer look like a train carriage. Of course I can’t reveal too much about them until they launch, but in our experience if it doesn’t look like every other truck you see on the road it’s going to get a second look and get people talking about it and your company, that’s exactly what makes truck advertising so powerful.


By Ed Hollands, managing director at DrivenMedia

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