Results of a new survey conducted by illustrate how security and compliance has become a priority for European businesses as they go through digital transformation.

The study, named EuropeITPriorities2019: Digital Transformation, takes into account the views of 785 companies spread across the UK and Ireland (UKI), France, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and “rest of Europe” as a final category.

The need to address compliance and security requirements was flagged up as among primary drivers behind digital transformation for companies in each of the countries surveyed.

The issue is most important to companies in the UKI region, where 41% of respondent firms highlighted security and compliance as key concern within digital transformation. In France, 39% of companies said the same, while 41% and 35% of firms in Europe and DACH respectively also cited this as a main reason for their transformation journeys.

When asked which IT activities are directly impacted most by digital transformation, security once again ranked highly on the priority list.

Almost 35% of companies in the UKI confirmed that the process of transformation boosted investment in security to address new threats. In France, 24% of companies also highlighted this as a factor impacted by digital transformation, an opinion shared by 28% of firms both in Europe and DACH.

Security and compliance as a digital transformation priority

The results of the survey clearly illustrate that security and compliance represents a key concern for executives as companies across Europe modernise.

More than that, the study shows that digital transformation – an essential process for growth in modern markets – both relies upon and improves security, as companies strive to grow in a way that minimises cyber-threats.

Furthermore, treating security and compliance as a priority is the only way organisations can evolve in compliance with laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation while keeping IT and data health in focus at all times.

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