We’re all familiar with heightened brand presence during festive seasons – companies small and large all clamouring to influence the shopping habits of consumers. But as the world’s shoppers become savvier and increasingly cynical, how can marketers create successful campaigns and maximise the resonance of their brand?

Easter is one of the top trending topics on social media at the moment, with millions of mentions in the past two weeks alone. While admittedly chocolate-heavy, the Easter break provides a great deal of opportunity for customer engagement. Indeed, the buzz around Bank Holiday itself was almost half a million in a two week period. Here, we outline a few crucial top tips for seasonal marketing to help you find the best path to success this Easter.

Mission critical for any successful campaign these days is data – acquiring it; understanding it; utilising it:

  • Cut through the noise – find the right partner to help find the meaning of billions of conversations and identify what’s important
  • Track the market and see their impact – use analytics and real-time dashboards to take the guesswork out of market trends and campaign performance
  • Connect with key influencers – drive the conversation in any channel by delivering the right content to the right audience
  • Compare their brand – benchmark your performance against the competition in real time so you can see minute by minute how you’re trending

It may seem obvious, but putting your customers at the heart of the matter is crucial. As your target demographic grows, shifts and evolves, so too must your brand and with technology advances and social intelligence platforms you have no excuse to misunderstand your public.

This year, be sure to maximise your potential and ensure your company features in the 2015 Easter word cloud. You’ve got to be in it to win it.



By Heidi Myers, Marketing & Communications at Meltwater EMEA.

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