Social media management can be a full time job. They say New York is the city that never sleeps- well, but clearly they haven’t been to Twitterville! Most companies don’t have the resources to offer roles dedicated purely to social media management which means the responsibility can often fall on busy shoulders. To combat the social-stress, here are three top time saving tips for efficient social media management.

#1- Finding the Right Content to Post

Social media feeds should be brimming over with content that our target market finds interesting, however finding relevant content can take more time than many of us have. Or does it? A media monitoring tool can do all the hard work for us. Simply input a keyword and watch the steam of sharable articles appear.

Alternatively, subscribe to blogs or research industry influencers and create a community. This way we constantly stay on top of fresh and relevant news that we may ultimately share.

#2- Community Management

Social media monitoring tools allow us to discover brand advocates, helping practice the 80/20 rule: that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. Put simply, businesses receive the desired effect from engaging with 20% of their community. But not all community members are created equal! Our community has a vast array of members, from people dropping by with a RT to key influencers and brand advocates. Community management can help segment members by value so that we can focus our social media management efforts on those who are more likely to generate a return on investment.

As with customers so too must social media channels be valued differently depending on the company. If we know that 90% of engagement around our brand happens on Twitter, we know that Facebook doesn’t require half of our social media management time. If Facebook is the preferred communication route, can inform on the best time to post so that we reach maximum engagement and social media management efficiency.

#3- Managing Brand Reputation

Things escalate quickly on social media. It only takes is one negative comment or article being shared a few times and it is suddenly under the spotlight. Before we know it, our brand is in crisis management mode.

Whilst media monitoring tools cannot prevent an initial comment, they can identify poignant messages early on and in turn allow communications professionals the opportunity to address the topic at hand and proactively influence perception. Find out what is being said negatively through searching by sentiment and then join the conversation to calm it down. This will save us a lot of time in the long run and improve social media management greatly.


By Heidi Myers, Marketing & Communications at Meltwater EMEA.

Do you have any top tips to help businesses manage their social media effectively? Let us know below!

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