Things are changing in the social networking space as mobile messaging apps are increasingly becoming people’s first choice over open platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The always-on consumers want more than mere brand led activity, they want to be in control of content and with instant messaging, they are.

So what does the future hold for mobile network operators, hardware providers, developers and the world of social messaging in general? Late last year we saw Twitter and Instagram both launching private photo messaging services, in a move seen as an attempt to compete directly with popular rival Snapchat. Snapchat reported that more photos are shared daily over its network (400 million) than Facebook’s (350 million). WhatsApp also continues to grow at a great pace as its CEO Jan Koum confirmed that WhatsApp now has 430 million active users, 30 million new users in the last months and 50 billion messages processed daily. All this, we think, means that social messaging and single purpose apps are the future.

We used to send mail, then email, then short-form text messages - now we simply communicate through Whatsapp threads, group chats and second-long self-destructive Snapchats. Before the onset of the Internet, not as many letters were sent in a year compared to the daily billions of messages shared through mobile apps nowadays. Social messaging has made communicating easier and hassle-free and it’s therefore not surprising that apps like WhatsApp aim to be on every smartphone in the globe.

We’re beginning to see new slants on social messaging and single-purpose apps and the more creative the content, the better. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tango and many more are now the first choice for sending messages. Mobile network operators have been forced to start evolving into means of messaging or changing their plans to be more data focused. App developers on the other hand are benefiting from this shift in message sharing, as this social messaging boom gives way for new apps to surface, such as Popcorn Messaging and TimeAppsule to introduce new and innovative ways of messaging friends and loved ones.

The future for the social messaging sphere sure looks bright and we expect to see more innovative slants to the already thriving social messaging sphere. Watch the social messaging space...


By Louise Orpin, Co-founder of TimeAppsule.

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