Live formats are becoming a powerful medium that offer the excitement of television with more opportunities for engagement. Having launched our Super Bowl campaign on Facebook and YouTube Live, we can attest for the increasing relevance of this platform in engaging a global audience.

Live streaming social video is still in the early stages and we will be able to learn more about it as we move along. Here are a few tips from what we have learned so far on how to engage your audience through Facebook Live:

Decide whether to surprise or promote

With the ability to schedule Facebook Lives, companies can alert their users of an upcoming live up to seven days prior. Facebook will even notify users right before the event. This is a successful tactic for regular Facebook Lives you host or for ones you want a particularly large audience for. On the other hand, if you’re trying to surprise people, go ahead and just go live to see what happens. This is a great way to test out content.

Decide how you are going to evaluate the results

Live streaming is relatively new, which means that everyone is still trying to find the best way to evaluate the results. However, you should decide how you are going to go about evaluating your campaign ahead of its launch. Get your marketing team on board so that everyone agrees on the evaluation tools you will be using. This could be total viewers, peak number of people watching at once or even engagements like reactions or comments.

Create content that allows you to speak directly with your audience

People are always on the look for fun and entertaining content to look at and share with their networks; therefore, it’s important to create compelling content that they can relate to. If you’re a product based company, show how the product can be used and answer questions from the comments. Or have fun and do something whacky. We’ve involved giraffees on multiple broadcasts. Your key goal is to grab their attention from the first moment.

Interact with your audience

Similar to Twitter, Facebook Live is all about generating a conversation and getting your audience to stick with you. When planning your content, consider giving the audience a reason to participate, either by asking their opinions, asking them to vote or to guess something, or rewarding the winners at the end. We often encourage viewers to share or tag friends they think could be interested. This gives them a reason to stick around and watch but also grows the audience organically.

Get the timing right

Similar to news jacking, timing your Facebook Live is crucial. In order to grab a global audience, you need to consider not only the news cycle, celebrations or special dates and events but also the different time zones. Plan ahead and research thoroughly to be able to time your Facebook Live to reach a significantly large global audience.

Don’t be scared to test

Our team keeps experimenting and trying different approaches and we constantly see improvements so keep trying. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different from what has been done before as you might succeed and find your gold mine. If something doesn’t work, then few people watch and you learn more for next time.

We are confident that live streaming on various social media channels is the way forward for all the brands that are keen to engage with their global audience.


By Carolina Solari, head of social media and blogs at

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