Facebook has the most comprehensive targeting of any of the social media channels. It goes deeper, and more granular than other comparable pals like Twitter or LinkedIn.

We’ve pulled together four ways you could use Facebook targeting to be more relevant to your customers.

1. Email remarketing 

Retargeting to your current email database is an excellent place to start with targeting. Your customer database will think you are monstrous in size when really you are just focusing on high frequency for key customers. Upload an email list on Facebook and use their technology to match social IDs to your email addresses.

Run retargeting ads all year round. It is the best way to stay top of mind with your database without making thousands of phone calls each month.

2. Postcodes targeting

No longer do you need to target entire cities, let alone countries. We suggest focussing on areas where your money can go further. Reach people in the areas you do business, find out the postcodes your previous ads performed best in, you can either add the postcodes one by one or if you would rather you can also add a bulk list. Refine your audience by deciding if you want to target:

A. Everyone in this area
B. People who were recently in this location
C. People who live in this location

3. Competitor targeting interests

Wouldn’t it be amazing to come up on Facebook when someone is searching for your competitors? Well, now you can by targeting your competitors’ Facebook page. If you type in a competitor name under the interest section, Facebook populates an audience that has expressed an interest or like in the page. On Google adding a competitor can be expensive now Facebook has launched a cost-effective way for you to do just that.

4. Purchasing behaviours

You can now target people who are more likely to buy your products, it seems these social media sites know everything about us. This gives us the opportunity to reach beyond our CRM systems and tap into shopper loyalty insights. You are able to target people who have brought a similar product before or who look more likely to add a product into their basket.

Speak the same language as your audience by ensuring you are catering the creatives to the different audiences for the very best results. Also, be sure to remember, less is more and increasing your frequency specifically with your target audience, ensures you become a trusted household name.


By Amber Williamson, founder of Digital Willow

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