- 21 July 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

Mobile is Now Preferred Platform for Reading Email

More than half of emails are now opened and read on mobile devices, according to a new report from Return Path.

The email solutions provider found that email opens on mobile devices have doubled over the past five years, meaning mobile is preferred nearly 2:1 over webmail. In fact, in 2012, just 29% of emails were opened on mobile devices. In contrast, opens on websites such as gmail.com or yahoo.com has...

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- 11 April 2019, 14:33 in News

241 tickets at European Data Protection Summit

For a limited time only, tickets to the European Data Protection Summit are available to...

- 14 July 2017, 08:30 in Mobile

Engaging on Mobile Just Got More Personal

If you are a business in the 21st century, you cannot afford not to engage...

- 16 June 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

Erroneous Incentives in Mobile AdTech: A Rant

When I started working in the advertising industry almost six years ago, I was very excited to bring innovative technology to an industry that seemed...

- 6 June 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

A New World of Mobile Tech Means New Opportunities for Marketers

HTC recently revealed one of the most unusual smartphones the industry has ever seen. The U11 responds to a new type of interaction; designed to be...

- 15 May 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

How to Connect with the Mobile Customer

According to Retail Research, e-commerce is the fastest growing retail marketing in Europe and North America. And with mobile e-commerce, or...

- 3 May 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

​Mobile Contributing to Declining Ad Viewability Levels

The rise in mobile advertising spend is contributing to a decline in ad viewability levels, according to the latest quarterly benchmark report from...

- 14 April 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

3 Ways to Inspire and Engage Shoppers via Mobile

Mobile’s role throughout the customer journey is undoubtedly becoming increasingly significant. With global consumers spending an average of...

- 20 March 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

How 'Going Mobile' leads to Business Success

Mobile-first is no longer the future, it’s the reality. Smartphones are completely integrated into everyday life, whether it is for online...

- 17 March 2017, 08:00 in Mobile

Majority of Marketers Not Confident They’ve Sussed Mobile

The majority of marketers admit they haven’t got to grips with how to adequately tap into the way people use mobiles today, according to a...

- 9 March 2017, 09:30 in Mobile

More Than One-Third of UK Ad Spend Bound for Mobile in 2017

Mobile ad spending in the UK will reach almost £7 billion this year to represent more than a third (36.6%) of UK media ad investment, according...

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