Debates at the GDPR Summit London will see industry experts unpack the finer points of the forthcoming legislation, and look at practical ways companies can embrace new employee rights.

In the GDPR HR: Data Privacy, Payroll, Brexit theatre, a panel will focus on new obligations that tighter data laws coming out of the EU will put upon employers. Education and training will be further key themes, as it will be crucial for workers to be made aware of what their new rights are and how to exercise them.

On the panel are…

James Palmer, Head of Data Governance at Southern Water

James has been heavily involved in his company’s understanding and implementation of the GDPR. His role sees him tasked with designing, developing and delivering mature data governance within the organisation whose operations contribute to a massive data network of employees and third-party suppliers which needs to be taken care of compliantly.

Previously, James worked extensively with UK law enforcement in the collection, management, governance and sharing of data across all police forces and government departments. He is a specialist in data management strategy, data governance frameworks, GDPR and implementation change strategies.

Karen Holden, Founder, A City Law Firm

Prior to establishing A City Law Firm, Karen managed a busy UK department in an international London-based law firm, supervising solicitors across multiple areas of law and taking care of high value, complex disputes.

Michelle Raymond, HR and Business Growth Specialist, The People's Partner

Michelle leverages over 12 years’ experience at the head of industry in public and private sectors. Through her consultancy she helps to outsource HR support, bespoke training and coaching to enhance staff management performance in SMEs.

Bringing huge practical experience in HR, coaching, diversity and CSR, Michelle uses her knowledge on data management to enable teams to be aware of how they use data by providing easy-to-implement videos on the new legislation and its fallout.

Helen Farr, Partner at Fox Williams

Helen’s practice covers the full spectrum of employment law and human resources strategy. She has a broad client base and specializes on the financial and professional services sector.

Focus on strategic matters such as workplace discrimination, equal pay and boardroom disputes has enabled Helen to become well-versed in dealing with industrial relations issues. She has extensive experience in the application of TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations) and has played many advisory roles in this capacity.

She is currently advising organisations on the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation for managing employee data.

Know your employees’ rights

As we move through May 25th, employers must adapt ways in which employee data is gathered, processed, stored and accessed. Compliancy will necessitate a full review of all current employee data held, and data protection practices that are currently in place.

Organisations should be aware that resources will be needed to support the alignment to the GPDR’s standards; besides putting in place new protection policies and conducting audits, bosses will need to make sure that staff are properly trained on the reform.

While not compulsory, the appointment of a Data Protection Officer will give organisations guidance in implementing new measures and in taking on new projects legally, so that privacy by design and privacy by default are baked into future processing activities, and risk of data breach is mitigated.

Be at the forefront of debate at GDPR Summit London
Employees’ rights accounts for just one of the issues to be unpacked in context by our experts at GDPR Summit London.

The latest installment in this leading series on GDPR preparation will bring more actionable, practical advice for organisations as they continue on their journey towards legislative compliance.

The conference is supported by Henley Business School’s GDPR Transition Programme and delivers unrivalled selection of the UK’s leading data protection experts and practitioners. Described as “high-impact, content-rich and jargon-free”, the conference’s 40+ speakers will be leading in debate that will enrich your GDPR journey.

Delegates can expect a day packed with insight and actionable guidance through over 40 keynote presentations, panel discussions across three keynote theatres, and much more. Q&A sessions present the chance to get your problems discussed by industry authorities.

For a limited time only, you can purchase tickets at the discounted rate of £199. This ticket allows access to the GDPR Summit London including three keynote theatres. It also contains a compliance package including access to GDPR online course and a Two hour of GDPR consultancy and much more.

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By Tom Davies, features editor, GDPR.Report


GDPR Summit Series is a global series of GDPR events which will help marketers to prepare to meet the requirements of the GDPR ahead of May 2018 and beyond. Further information and conference details are available at

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