If you don't yet have an explainer video, you need to get one.

Don't believe me?

Then believe the 78% of marketers that consider video an important part of their marketing strategy.

In the world of online business, your explainer video is your one and only chance to make a great impression on users. So it has to be amazing.

Need some inspiration?

Check out our list of the 10 best explainer videos of all time...

1. Global Payroll Association

This animated explainer video is successful because it uses imagery that we're all familiar with. By drawing on the Hanna-Barbera style of illustration (mainly The Jetsons), it instantly grabs the attention of the viewer.

The video manages to keep viewer attention through sound, as well as through the awesome visuals. The outer-space sound effects, teamed with the cheerful soundtrack, and clear and friendly voiceover make this an easy video to immerse yourself in.

2. Dollar Shave Club

This explainer video reached viral success almost overnight thanks to its unique style.

The video uses a 'shock factor' to grab your attention immediately.

And the shock factor continues throughout the video with outrageous, yet hilarious, sight gags.

However, the real key to this video's success is the star (and founder), Mike Dubin. By pretending to take his product super-seriously, the video almost becomes a parody of the company – but that is exactly what makes the video so engaging.

It also helps that they have a great call-to-action at the end.

3. Mint.com

Mint.com is a very popular explainer video, and it's easy to see why. Instantly, it hooks you in by asking an important question.

Then, the product is explained in a clear and confident way, teamed with a sleek and professional style, and fluid animation.

Another factor that made this video more successful was the fact that actual screenshots of the system were used to show how the features work. Including small insights into the product, like this, can help the audience further understand why your product is right for them.

4. DashRemind

This is another video that mesmerises with fluid animation. The catchy soundtrack teamed with the text on screen helps this video to be attention-grabbing and informative at the same time.

Creating a great explainer video for your app can be difficult because there are so many features to demonstrate. This video does a great job of highlighting the best features and leaving us wanting more at the end.

5. Disconnect.me 

Out of all of the explainer videos on this list, this one is most unique – and not because of the weird scene below.

The use of puppets in an explainer video shows that this company has thought outside the box to present something different and new to viewers, and it works!

The transitions between puppetry and animation are super sleek, and the excellent use of animation does a great job of getting their message across.

6. Crazy Egg

This animated explainer video for Crazy Egg was crazy successful – driving an extra $21,000 a month in new income for the company.

This video is great because, straight off the bat, it tells you exactly what the product is, and what it does.

This simplicity and straightforwardness is preserved throughout as the video breaks down, and explains, specific features.

This video also isn't afraid to be different. It boldly calls out Google Analytics within the first 30 seconds.

And the character design and slapstick humour is unlike any other explainer video I've seen.

7. How Intel Security Defends Against Malware

At first glance, this Intel video looks a little too long, at 2 minutes 30 seconds. After all, the ideal length for an explainer video is between 1 and 2 minutes.

This explainer video gets away with the extra length because it is fun to watch!

The unique characters, video game-type soundtrack, and comedy elements turn what could have been a boring explainer video about a heavy subject, into an interesting and engaging story.

8. Tonx

This live-action explainer video uses a similar approach to Dollar Shave Club to engage viewers. A personable guy talks directly to the camera (and to the viewer) about the product, relating with the audience on the problems they have, and explaining how the product can solve these.

It's also very clear in its message by explaining the process with text on screen...

...and confident in the product by showing the coffee being made.

9. Dumb Ways to Die

The problem Metro Trains had when it came to making an explainer video, was that their message was very serious and upsetting. But, instead of taking the usual, direct route, they decided to explain their message with cute and quirky characters, and an engaging song. This is possibly why their video has been voted the 3rd most viral add of all time.

But, the best way to measure the success of an explainer video is not by counting the views, it's by calculating how effective the message was.

The message of this explainer video was 'Be Safe Around Trains', and it succeeded, with a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths in the year after the video (compared with the year before).

10. Sudafed

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is this stop-motion explainer video for Sudafed UK.

This explainer video is short and effective, taking just 30 seconds to explain the problem and present the solution.

The memorable character design makes the video even more awesome.

The takeaway here is that, when it comes to explainer videos, the possibilities are endless. You can create a live-action, animated, stop-motion explainer video, or you could even use puppets! As long as you keep these three things in mind, your explainer video could turn out to be the best one yet:

  • Make it engaging
  • Make it relatable
  • And remember! Present the problem, then present your solution.


By Matt Byrom, Managing Director of Wyzowl

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