Bringing a brand to life with evocative, engaging imagery and shareable content, combined with the ability to deliver it directly to individual smartphones is a driver behind why 61% of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool. With video expected to account for half of social media spend in the UK by 2018 (IAB), brands can no longer ignore the opportunities that video personalisation offers them. Consumers now expect to be engaged in relevant and inviting ways, so before they ‘unfollow’ and install their ad blocker, it’s time to get personal.

We are working on a whole host of campaigns for the likes of Honda, 20th Century Fox, L’Oréal and Santander and so here is our insight into the world of video:

Joy and surprise

Research has found that keeping a viewer’s attention depends largely on two emotions; joy and surprise. To maximise engagement it’s important to generate at least one of these responses early on.

Personalise early

If we look at how long a video should be, Twitter allows 140 second videos and Facebook 45 minutes, but in our experience, a video that is 30 seconds or less, often closer to 15 seconds, can still drive high levels of engagement. However long the video, ensuring the personalisation of content takes place within the first 2-3 seconds of the video will hook and captivate the audience, ensuring they are more likely to continue viewing as well as engage with the brand. After all, the average attention span of a consumer is just eight seconds.


The promotion of personalised video content to an audience is best received when the content is relevant and if the customer has already expressed an interest in the brand. A consumer’s intent can be found via publically available data, whether it is an engagement on a social platform or data capture following a purchase. The result will be excellent share rates, positive responses from the recipients and increased organic reach and sentiment.

Ultimately creating a personalised video is very different from creating a video for anything else. It needs to be considered and treated as its own unique format, this means it isn’t always as easy as taking a pre-existing piece of video content and embedding someone’s name into it. However, if personalised video campaigns are considered as part of the wider marketing campaign, it is possible to create content that brings deeper engagement for the brand as well as a more rewarding and engaging experience for loyal followers.


By Tim Redgate, founder of EchoMany

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