Just 9% of the time small businesses spent in discussions with a web designer focuses on conversion, and even less time (3%) is given to branding, according to new research.

The survey, carried out by web design and marketing agency, Digimax, found that for a great many, ensuring their website actually works for them and draws new business and sales is secondary to the way the website simply looks. Although 98% of businesses say they build a website to make more money, a staggering 91% do not consider this when getting their design completed!

Eighty-eight per cent of the time is based on design, content, layout and graphics and it would seem experts are neglecting conversion and branding which are the main tools used to encourage potential clients to contact you.

The new research found that when it comes to initial design consultations many in the web design industry are focusing on aesthetics with businesses stating that over a quarter (27%) of discussion time was spent on layout followed by pictures (16%) and graphics (7%).

Content takes up 38% of the time and is obviously important when it comes to capturing their visitor's interest, but if that interest is not converted to an enquiry then effectively businesses will be losing money.

A lot of thought goes into developing a website. We all want to create an eye-catching, user-friendly platform, however, the underlying objective should always be to make sure your investment works for you. Your website needs to do more than just encourage visitors, it needs to turn visitors into clients.

Shaz Memon, creative director at Digimax, said: “Website conversion is a very important factor to take into consideration when in discussions with your web designer. Businesses can often be lead down a path which hasn't been crafted with clear actionable objectives which are the key to the success of their online marketing strategy.”

“Having a marketing website is almost pointless if it is not presenting your company with the opportunity to convert visitors to customers effectively. Conversion is about purchase beacons that are clearly defined and set out, integrated through a beautiful user experience that increases the chance of your visitor making contact with you. An experienced marketer and designer should be able to deliver a rounded experience that delivers on all fronts.”


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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