Leading online identity verification experts GB Group plc (GBG) have launched a consumer awareness campaign for their new solution CitizenSafe, following their addition to the GOV.UK Verify platform.

Award winning digital agency Cyber-Duck will manage the campaign to build consumer awareness of the CitizenSafe brand before users arrive at the GOV.UK website.

Following the rising demand for a more digitised government, the GOV.UK Verify service, now in transition from public beta to live, transforms how the public identify themselves when using government services.

The government portal provides users with the ability to pick from several certified companies to verify their identity. The identification process only needs to be done once and takes just 15 minutes. It provides users with a single account they can use to quickly access many government services, with many more being made available in the future (e.g. tax returns, driving license details, etc.)

CitizenSafe is one of the certified verification providers on the GOV.UK Verify platform and is 100% dedicated to Identity Verification. With 12 years of expertise in Electronic Identity Verification, GBG’s CitizenSafe provides complete peace of mind to users of online government services, who can be sure that their data and privacy are completely protected. As the only UK provider with extensive expertise, gained from years of providing dedicated and secure identity verification services, British-based CitizenSafe is the obvious choice for individuals looking to stay safe online.

Nevertheless, the company faces a challenge that this campaign is set to address. CitizenSafe is the new consumer brand for the well-established online verification provider GBG, that has until now been predominantly a B2B provider. Consequently there is little consumer awareness of the CitizenSafe brand, whereas other certified providers, with less experience in online verification, are well established consumer brands.

The consumer campaign which kicked off today aspires to build a trusted brand among online consumers and achieve 40% awareness of CitizenSafe brand amongst GOV.UK Verify users. In order to do so cost-effectively, Cyber-Duck has created an integrated marketing strategy that targets groups of GOV.UK users around relevant dates and specific needs, revealing the CitizenSafe brand to users at a time when they are most likely to use GOV.UK services.

Critically, all content will be adapted to digitally engaging formats, generating a digital eco-system that informs the user about often complicated government services, and provides them with related tools. Examples include infographics, downloadable guides, quizzes around things like password security and apps such as CitizenCar (a handy iOS and Android app that will remind users when they need an MOT, to pay road tax or renew their insurance).

The tools and content will then be promoted via a wide range of marketing channels, including digital advertising, search, social media, blogs, email, PR and partner marketing.

“Generating consumer trust from the ground up is no mean feat” said Danny Bluestone, CEO of Cyber-Duck. “By combining content that demonstrates CitizenSafe’s leading expertise in identity verification with content that is of value to users at the time that they need to use GOV.UK, we aim to show them that their identity is safe and secure with the dedicated verification provider CitizenSafe.”

Suzy Thomas, Head of Customer Experience of CitizenSafe said, “Cyber-Duck’s tireless focus on understanding the end-users we’re targeting, in addition to their creativity in innovatively reaching individual audiences effectively made them the ideal partner to help us build our consumer brand.”

Cyber-Duck also establishing CitizenSafe’s brand identity and created their new website, using their ISO-accredited user-centred design process.

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