You can easily create awesome looking emails with the help of popular email marketing services. Newsletter templates provided by these service providers help you in creating emails that match your brand and make your company look skilled in any inbox.

All those professional looking email templates work fine still there are some important design factors you need to consider. Even small design errors can have a huge impact on whether or not someone pays attention to your emails.

Here are 7 email newsletter design mistakes to watch out for:

1. Ignoring Small Devices

Your email needs to appear great on any device, regardless of the dimensions of the display your audience is using. Nowadays people read emails on their mobile devices so make sure you are using a mobile-responsive template. These templates have in- built technology that allows your email to look great on small devices.

If you are not using responsive template then make sure your message is clear and concise.

2. Inconsistent Branding

People should be able to quickly identify your brand when your email hits their inbox. This will not only help you to make your business look professional, it also helps in making good connection with your readers. Business logo should be positioned at the top of email, use consistent tone in the content and make sure you are including real images of your work.

3. Using Too Many Different Fonts

Your email will look messy and distract readers if you are using too many different fonts. Try to use common fonts such as Verdana, Arial or Helvetica. Special consideration to font size should be given.

4. Using Wrong Colours

Using too many colours can distract readers and lead them to ignore or delete your message. Try to use 2-3 colours that align with your brand. Colours that are not relevant to your brand can create confusion.

5. Not Organising the Content

Your content should be well organised and easy to read. Your primary message should be short and clear. People will read the rest part of content only if your primary piece of information appears to be relevant. Replace lengthy paragraphs with quick sentences.

6. Not Using Appropriate Images

Visuals are processed faster than text in our brains. Use eye catching stock photos or the photos of your products to support your message. Don’t overload your email with too many images.

7. Not adding relevant links

You should include at least one link in your email to drive people back to your website or social media page. In order to convert your visitors you should include link which drives users to the most relevant page. If your email newsletter revolves around any specific service or product then the link in the email should take them to that specific page.

By applying small changes to the design of your email you can engage more customers and increase conversions.


By Alan McCabe, Marketing Manager at KOL Limited.

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