You’ve got your customer onto your website. Maybe they’re reading one of your ground-breaking blog posts, or watching one of your good-enough-for-Hollywood marketing videos, but what next? How many times do customers go onto your website, consume the content they want and then leave with no further action? Today, we’re are going to show you how to change that process. How to transform a user on your website into a lead. Here are our five great website lead generation features.

1. Request a call-back

We all know that promoting your contact details and using effective call-to-actions are a given for any lead generation website. Request a call-back is a great technique to give your customer more control when contacting your business.

Rather than them having to physically pick up the phone or take all that effort to write out an email, instead allow them to fill out a form, entering their contact details with the promise that you will get in touch with them. Not only is this a lot easier for the customer – making them a lot more likely to interact, it also means you can’t lose the lead if you’re busy or if they call out of office hours.

2. Book a free demo

Users on the internet are now used to getting something in return for their time. You can’t even buy a magazine now without getting some rejected McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. So, give them something! Incentivise their interaction with something they would value. A great example of this is demos. You can get interested customers to fill out a form, entering their email address, telephone number etc. and then you have their details and now they are a lead. All the while the customer is receiving something they will value, leaving them with a good impression of your business.

Demos are also a great way to enable users to try before they buy. No-one wants to spend money on something they aren’t sure will work. That’s why demos can really boost the number of sales you gain – they give users more confidence in your service or product.

3. Free downloads

Like the free demo tip, offering downloadable content is another great way to get your users to take that next step in interacting with your website. This content can be lighter than producing a demo, so this is an easy way of gaining leads. Again, interested customers fill out a form, giving you their details, and in turn receive some useful content for free.

4. Sign-up offer

Sometimes, an even better technique to providing new content is to provide your customers with a buying incentive if they buy now rather than later. This technique is a great lead-generation tool, guaranteeing your users will at least take a second look at interacting with your website, which is ultimately the goal of these lead generation tools.

5. Free webinar or event sign-up

Find a topic that will be useful and educational to your target audience, and then create your own seminar to be presented online, or organise an event that your users can be invited too if they fill out your online form.

This is another great example of an interesting way to get your users to give you their contact details, transforming them into a lead. This content can be heavy, but if you have the time and resources available to you it is worth the effort. The statistics are genuinely staggering, with the average user spending a staggering 56 minutes of watching time on average, and leading on from that, 82% of users that have watched a live webinar participate in Q&A, 35% engage on social media, 24% answer polls, and 22% collaborate, chat and respond to surveys about your company.

As I said earlier, these lead generation tools are techniques aimed at making your users think twice about their next action, making them pause on your website and really consume the content. The average user spends between 10-20 seconds on a web page, if they stay for longer than that, the average shoots up to over two minutes. This is gold dust to your website. Users that spend a long time on a website are a lot more likely to result in a lead, and these lead generation tips are all focused on doing exactly that - keeping your users' eyes on your website.


By Chris Wright, digital marketing executive at DS Creative

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