In the workplace, time is precious. With only so many hours in the day, you can sometimes struggle to fit everything into your daily routine, but as a digital marketer, you have a distinct advantage over time – technology.

The ever-changing world of digital marketing means that there are often exciting new tools and software available, which marketers should be taking advantage of.

We’d like to make your life that little bit easier by touching upon our favourite new tools and time saving tips, which you can directly apply to your business and help you free up those valuable hours of your day.

Organisation is key

Our modern day lifestyle means that, often, communication between different sectors of your business is put on hold, in order to meet deadlines and fulfil other urgent duties. Daily responsibilities may be put on the back burner, which can lead to work being rushed and this is when mistakes can start to happen.

Google Drive is a perfect solution to this problem. It allows documents to be uploaded and viewed from multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. You have the ability to invite colleagues to view and edit any of your files, and the additional bonus is that with everything being live, if you need to quickly amend a document, the changes sync to all collaborators.

The cloud also provides a similar service if being live is not an essential feature for you. Enjoy sharing documents across your team, without losing track of amends and updates.


Many marketers believe they need to buy expensive SaaS integrations in order to produce reports, but tools such as Zapier can be used to pull data into reporting documents with ease. This is effective for tasks such as weekly and monthly reporting, as it allows data to be pulled from different sources in order to create one document. By creating ‘zaps’ between programs, you can do everything from compiling lead generation reports to competitor analysis. Through speeding up reporting, more time is freed up for you to focus on other important elements of your digital marketing campaign.

Sourcing fresh content

Creating new content ideas can be both a challenging and time consuming task. If you’re lacking inspiration, perhaps try looking at previous achievements and see if you can update old material to make it relevant.

Tools such as Buzzsumo work as a platform for aiding your search for new content. Its ‘top content’ tool finds the most popular content by shares. It can also highlight influencers on social media sites such as Twitter, who tend to share content relevant to your search.

Embracing conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

CRO can be used to improve the amount of money you make from your current traffic levels. By understanding what areas of your website have the most traffic and planning a strategy to make the most out of these popular pages, you can enjoy seeing an improvement on the amount of money that the website generates by turning traffic into conversions.

A great way of engaging with customers whilst on your website is by using onsite surveys that can potentially gather large volumes of quality feedback for your brand. Tools such as Web Engage and Qualaroo allow you to ask direct and targeted questions to users in real time whilst they’re already browsing your site, which can potentially provide a higher quality result.


By Sian English, Marketing Manager at theEword. 

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