While the shepherds watched their flocks by night, did they sit upon the ground and chat amongst themselves? No.

Did the Little Donkey cease his plodding because he was tired from his holy burden? No, he slogged it down a dirt road all the way to Bethlehem.

If Christmas teaches us anything it’s that you don’t give up and there’s always room for more.

It’s time to whip your Christmas strategy into better shape. Suit up, pace up and make it happen - yule be sorry if you leave these quick fixes off your Christmas marketing list.

1. Look at your customer’s seasonal behavior

Well done if you’ve spent all year delivering exceptional personalised customer campaigns - but at Christmas no one buys for themselves. How do you create personalised Christmas campaigns for customers who are buying for people you know nothing about? Answer: look at their past seasonal behavior. What did they buy last year and the year before? At what point did they do their Christmas shopping?

Tip: Find your one-off customers who purchased last November or December. Entice them back by sending them targeted Christmas promotions via email.

2. De-clutter your website’s homepage

It’s mid-December and your customer visits your website. They’re stressed and it feels like Christmas is just hours away. There’s no obvious Christmas section on your navigation but a confused selection of product recommendations and there’s just too much… stuff. Give your homepage a spring clean. Delete out-of-date offers, give your visitors simple options and present clean paths towards your Christmas-related products and gifts.

3. Create ‘for him’ and ‘for her’ product pages

There’s no better feeling than seeing potential gifts for your significant other, mother or brother categorised under one page. ‘For him’ and ‘for her’ pages are fast and simple ways of collating relevant products under simple, genderised categories. Personalise shopping experiences by identifying men who are shopping for women and vice versa.

4. Free delivery and last delivery times

Sounds obvious, but if you offer free delivery around Christmas time then this is much more attractive to a customer and might deter them from shopping with your competitor. And remember to add your last Christmas delivery times both onto your homepage, delivery page and send an email reminder.

Tip: Reward loyal customers with free Christmas delivery with targeted emails/SMS.

5. Create product bundles

Product bundling is a smart Christmas strategy, but make sure your customer is still given the option of buying the same products separately - otherwise the value of the bundle decreases at face value. Customers appreciate the new reduced pricing and it potentially helps to kill two of their gifting needs with one stone.

6. Spruce up your Christmas product descriptions

Google analytics show that last year there were 30 million searches for the abbreviation ‘Xmas’. It’s worth optimising your product descriptions for Christmas related search terms while they’re hot. For exact product searches it’s also worth remembering that your product page’s meta descriptions are the cheapest marketing tool around. While they might not affect your ranks, you can optimize your product descriptions for Christmas terms and increase engagement and clicks. Remember to include any special Christmas offers within them, too.


By Victoria Galloway, Retail Marketing Expert at SmartFocus. 

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