A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful system and a very helpful tool when it comes to storing and analysing all your client's business contacts, sales, products, etc. It can also improve the relations with customers and attract new clients - it effectively optimises the business strategy and plans by saving a lot of time, and money.

Fully-personalised & 100% built from scratch – a must have

Each business is different, having a different strategy or size, for instance. It is, therefore, crucial for your client to receive the CRM system which will be fully-optimised and adapted entirely to his unique business needs.

What it means is that when your client starts to use the CRM system it has already been thought over, tested, and implemented into his business with other systems, software, and platforms that he may already have in use. Your client may thus rest assured that everything is working properly.

Find your own white label partner

They will be able to effectively implement a completely personalised 100% bespoke CRM system which will be optimised to work with your current software and other systems smoothly and efficiently. They will also change the functionality of your CRM right away when you need it!

Some advantages of the bespoke CRM software:

• an easy way to monitor your products, sales, etc.
• automation of some business processes
• a safe way to keep all your important data in one place

You will have your CRM build it from scratch – you just talk to your end-client who send you the exact specification of what functionalities their CRM is to include. From now on you just let the team of coding specialists, software developers, and web designers to do their job quietly and without the notice of your client.

When you receive the completed, tested, and verified CRM system and hand it down to your client you may be sure that it will be fully integrated with other software such as B2B, B2C, or WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Outsourcing in the white label form

When you have a CRM project to prepare for your client you do not have to lose your time and money for that – just outsource this project and let someone do the job for you! This allows you to save both your time and your money and focus entirely on your business.

When you decide on white label option the software developers, coding specialists, and web designers will manage and accomplish your CRM project from beginning to end. The best thing about all of this is that it is done in the white label form – CRM systems are fully brandable, which is an advantage for you. When your client receives an accomplished and working CRM system directly from you he/she considers your company as an important and valuable strategic partner – just as the white label company is the strategic partner for you.


By Rafal Jurczyk, project manager at Lumi Technology

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