The lack of time, a team of experts, and other resources... The list of things your business may lack may be longer, but you only need to have a potential client – you leave the rest to your strategic partner!

With the white label company as your strategic partner, even the beginning of your business without any recognition is easier and beneficial for you.

If you choose the white label option as the way of your business development you are provided with the right resources, experience, and knowledge of how to effectively find your place on the UK market, help you earn the reputation, and attract new clients.

A team of highly-skilled coding specialists, IT marketing experts, graphic designers, software developers, translators, and copywriters can easily help you and your company gain the potential to become a highly-respectable and an important business for your clients.

The great thing about all of that is that it is all done for you in the White Label form, which means that the final web design, CRM system, or any other software is fully and 100% brandable. What it means is that you can then hand it down to your end-client who can freely re-brand it for their own use.

Crucially, the whole project – from beginning to end - remains invisible for your end-Client who thinks it was your company that provided him with the software solution or with a unique and fully-customised web design project.

Some guidelines when looking for the white label web design company

While you can choose the white label services offered by UK companies nothing stops you from entrusting such a project to a non-UK company. If so, make sure that this company has the “know-how” about the UK market – what its expectations (especially in the area of your business).

The other thing to bear in mind is to look for a team who can deliver your client a fully personalised, tested, and unequivocal websites, e-commerce, CRM system, or software which is branded in your company's name and is easy to use.

Another crucial aspect is working in the same time zone – this minimises any delays, speeds up the contact between you and the company, and allows you to be abreast of any changes and modifications that may come up from your client. A UK landline, a team of English-speaking experts and full confidentiality are also important.


By Rafal Jurczyk, project manager at Lumi Technology

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