It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Well, maybe not just yet, but for the email marketer, the holiday season is here and it’s time for all of us to get ready to make the most of it. And no, it’s not just about dusting off our Christmas jumpers and lighting up the whole neighborhood with our festive decorations. It’s also about putting together amazing campaigns that will help us to embrace the holiday feeling to build our brand and drive sales.

If you thought mulled wine and mince pies were a match made in heaven, just wait and see how amazing the “email” and “holiday season” combination is.

What Can I Find In Mailjet’s Email Holiday Toolkit?

This year, we’ve combined all our Holiday resources in one downloadable guide, to create your one-stop shop to win the battle of the inbox this season. In the Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing, you will learn how to create amazing content for your campaigns, you’ll find great design tips from some of our friends in the industry, and get inspiration from great email examples by top brands.

We’ll help you define a Holiday Email Strategy that will win your customers over, with all you need to know, from setting your goals to that last-minute checklist.


  • Setting goals for the holiday season
  • Crafting irresistible email content
  • Designing beautiful holiday emails
  • Brands that rocked the holiday inbox
  • Mailjet’s Holiday email checklist

We didn’t just stop there, tune into our on-demand holiday webinar to help you develop a killer strategy to help you win your customers over this season. And find, breathtaking and more importantly, responsive email templates to help you tackle Black Friday, the Christmas Holidays and the new year.

At Mailjet, we love the Holiday season, we hope our handy toolkit means you’ll have more time to celebrate and enjoy the festive season as much as we do.


By Josie Scotchmer, marketing manager at Mailjet

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