White label web development means that the service is fully-optimised and branded with a company's logo and other corporate elements. The great thing about white label web development is that you own the exclusive rights to the project and the end-client does not know that the project has been outsource – everything remains highly confidential.

Why should you outsource web development?

By handing down your work to a white label company you can rest assured that the work is going to be carried out by the experts.

Outsourcing is an ideal opportunity to develop your business by making use of the experience, professionalism, and resources provided by the experts in a given business domain.

What do you get if you are an agency?

Being an advertising or marketing agency means a lot of all-inclusive brand design projects for your customers, which requires time. In such cases, White Label web development is of real help because you save your time and money, but also personalise the entire project the way your client wants.

Importantly, having a white label business partner allows you to effectively broaden your portfolio of services you can offer. No end-client ever finds out that some other company prepare and hand down to you a complete web development project which is 100% brandable and can easily be re-branded by your end-client.

This also allows you to easily obtain further potential clients driven to you by your increasing recognition and potential of creating professional corporate branding opportunities.

Do not miss the opportunity to improve your business

By outsourcing part of your work to a white label company you hire a team of coding specialists, graphic designers, IT marketing experts, as well as translators and copywriters who will offer you a fully comprehensive service of preparing, testing, and coding of your website.

Crucially, you own the copyrights to the entire web design and development project, which means that you can brand it with your company logo and make it a valuable part of your business' identity.

From improving and refreshing websites, through coding, e-commerce solutions, or individual software development, and ending on comprehensive graphic design – the white label option is the perfect choice for you. White label experts carefully and professionally manage and develop the entire web design & development project to make it tailored entirely to the requirements of your clients.


By Rafal Jurczyk, project manager at Lumi Technology

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