The General Data Protection Regulation will affect all areas of a business, and despite the UK voting to leave the EU the regulation will still be enforced.

The UK has the second highest number of data breaches in the world, Gemalto has revealed, and you can expect this to increase significantly as GDPR requires businesses to report all data breaches.

The GDPR Conference Europe recently surveyed businesses across the UK to measure their understanding of the prospective impacts of the GDPR. The findings showed an acute need for further training on the implications of GDPR, and how to prepare before it becomes law in May next year.

Here's a really handy video from ICO head of policy delivery, Steve Wood, in which he talks about the 12 steps that your organisation can take now to get ready for GDPR.



By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

GDPR Summit Series is a global series of GDPR events which will help marketers to prepare to meet the requirements of the GDPR ahead of May 2018 and beyond. Further information and conference details are available at

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