The term content marketing is starting to lose its meaning.

What I’m starting to see is that any piece of content that is created is regarded as content marketing.

It’s a bit like thinking that karate is just karate without the teaching of the full discipline from Mr.Miyagi. If you can punch, kick and watch a Bruce Lee film, you know karate.

Many businesses are now ticking the box called ‘content marketing’ because it is easier than ever to create and press the ‘publish’ button. For a content marketing approach to have meaning you need purpose and direction.

The Role Content Marketing Should Play

What is it that you do that can become the pillar for you to stand behind?

1) Identify a different angle to a topic

While the world goes down one route, its time to head in the opposite direction. During a Talking Content Marketing interview with Mitch Joel, he highlighted, “Being inspired is not a destination, but you need to get inspired and proactively look to become energised. I read a lot of books and to everyone reading is always accessible, from the library to any major news site, there are many places to become exhilarated.”

2) Become a useful resource that reflects character

The role of committing to a content first mindset is to become regarded in the eyes of others as influential.

We don’t have to become experts in everything related to our respective industries, what we have to become is meaningful to those who are ready to participate with us.

3) You entertain, you challenge

It is time to realise that you are competing with everybody.

I’m not just talking websites but others places to get people to think and to show personality that represents who you are. Someone who does this brilliantly is Jay Baer and his Jay Today three-minute videos.

4) Educate, don’t manipulate

It’s easy to put the call to action on everything you create for people to email you to immediately work with you. Relationships don’t work that way.

As businesses we have to serve a wider purpose to make our audience more informed. We don’t have to sound important anymore by using clichéd language.

5) You evoke an emotion

If we want others to remember us, we have to create a reaction. Whether that reaction is to enquire, subscribe or buy, relationships are built by people, not logos. It is our duty as businesses to mean something and to become relevant to others.

While the world becomes more competitive, we need to adjust and take advantage of the new opportunities we have to grow with the spaces that we have complete control over (such as our website and our email).

Stories Drive Revenue

Coming back to the Karate Kid analogy at the beginning of the article. Daniel had to ‘wax on, wax off’ before he could win the tournament. It’s not about the shortest route to success by ‘sweeping the leg’.

This is what we need to do as businesses to understand the meaning for what we do.


By Mark Masters, author of The Content Revolution.

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