Tweet, pin, post and share: today’s marketer is engaged in a constant cycle of social media management.

With the large number of platforms already competing for your attention, why should you sit up and take note of another player in this overcrowded field? The response is straightforward: because SlideShare could make all the difference to your business marketing strategy.

So what is SlideShare?

For those of you who have yet to come across this online network, SlideShare is a platform for uploading and sharing presentations and professional content. Think of a cross between YouTube and LinkedIn.

This global and expansive network is a great social media stage for connecting businesses with clients, for promoting yourself as an expert in your field and is the perfect complement to your company’s LinkedIn profile.

Here are 5 reasons why, as a marketer, you should be using SlideShare:

1. Google gains

Using SlideShare can greatly increase your Google visibility and rankings. The site has over 60 million unique visitors per month and more than 12 million uploads, which is pretty impressive for a platform originally conceived for businesses to share presentation slides amongst employees. The release of the SlideShare app for Android in 2013 (testers are already out for iOS) further expands its reach, making it an impressive social media marketing platform.

The clued-up marketer will capitalise on the reach of SlideShare by sharing presentations on other social media platforms and via email. You can also embed your presentation slides into web pages, in addition to your blog. This helps people find your content, in addition to increasing the aesthetic appeal of your website. SlideShare makes this whole process incredibly straightforward.

Good SlideShare presentations reach 100,000s of views and are very widely shared. If you play your cards right and use SlideShare effectively, it can be a huge boost to your online presence and your SEO.

2. Be the leader

As a marketer, you are constantly promoting great insights, ideas and expert knowledge. SlideShare enables your content to reach a wide and targeted audience through a medium that combines visual, aural and written elements, providing you with an extra platform to promote your expertise.

A SlideShare presentation can present bite-size chunks of your content in dynamic, attention-grabbing and effective presentations that your target viewer will read, share and remember.

SlideShare facilitates audience targeting. Its homepage is divided into subsections such as Business, Education and Finance. Consequently, SlideShare users can easily find content tailored to their interests and you can upload your presentation slides in the sections relevant to your intended audience.

3. Sharing is caring

SlideShare presentations can add drive and insight to your existing content marketing strategy by providing great visual and aural stimuli to ‘like’ and share online.

Sharing the presentation slides on a host of social media platforms, from LinkedIn to Google+, will help you to achieve your marketing goals by augmenting your content’s reach. All of the key social media players are linked to SlideShare, making this very easy to do.

SlideShare is in fact owned by LinkedIn. As a result, embedding your presentations in your LinkedIn profile is a very simple way of getting your expert content onto LinkedIn, where it will complement your company’s credentials and help you stand out ahead of your competitors.

4. The proof is in the pudding

Lots of businesses already make the most of what SlideShare has to offer. The site gives users lots of information on how many people have viewed, shared and downloaded your presentation slides, so tracking the success and reach of your content is easy.

Many businesses also find the comments function useful. Once uploaded and viewed, your slides can be ‘liked’ and commented on, enabling you to interact with viewers and potential clients.

Numerous SlideShare users also enjoy benefiting from the presentations and expertise shared by other companies. Major organisations like the White House and NASA share content on SlideShare, as do companies such as Dell and Netflix.

5. An eye for design

To maximise the reach and power of your SlideShare presentations, their content and design must be effective and well-adapted to the medium. There is little point in uploading long, bland, visually unattractive presentations. The ones that go viral are punchy, to-the-point and incite the viewer to share them. SlideShare offers lots of accessible advice on how to do this, including this helpful guide.

SlideShare is a smart addition to any content marketing strategy. It has the potential to boost your SEO and give you the edge over your competitors in the social media marketing arena. For more information, take a look at my presentation on SlideShare’s benefits for businesses here.


By Tim Prizeman, Director of Kelso Consulting

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