Content marketing has become a mainstay marketing activity for many brands, as they strive to increase their online presence, build engagement with relevant audiences and showcase their expertise. Content marketing was undoubtedly one of the most popular buzzwords of 2014, but is interest in the topic slowing down, or just taking off?

New research from Outbrain has looked at the volume of articles written about content marketing in 2014, and the amount of times these were read. The findings include:

  • More than 5,500 pieces of content about content marketing were discovered from January 2014 – November 2014.
  • The largest volume of content marketing articles were published at the start of the calendar year; January and February accounted for most of the year’s content. After this initial spike, creation of new online content started to fall after Easter and eventually hit its lowest point in November.
  • Interestingly despite this, actual consumption of the content being produced grew throughout the year and, after a dip in May, continued to grow through the summer and into autumn.

This data shows that far from slowing down, interest in content marketing is continuing to grow.

Although it can be argued that the high volume of articles on content marketing at the start of the year is due to brands and organisations setting themselves New Year’s marketing resolutions, it is clear that demand for content marketing pieces remains strong across online users, growing throughout the year. With that in mind, 2015 is set to be a major year for content marketing.

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