- 20 January 2017, 08:30 in Apps

Retail Apps Failing to Meet Consumer Expectations

Consumers believe current retail apps are failing to deliver the high quality and interactive mobile shopping experience they demand, according to new research.

Despite a third of UK consumers admitting to downloading more retail apps in the last 12 months than they did in the previous year, just 40% said they were satisfied with the current offering.

The report, by mobile app developer Apadmi, found that nearly one in five...

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Mastering the Art of the In-App Video Ad

It makes up 70% of all internet traffic and may account for 90% by 2020,...

- 2 December 2016, 08:30 in Apps

App Happy: How to Ensure you Don’t Send your App into an Early Grave

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How Can Mobile Apps Help you Market your Brand and Boost your Business?

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- 4 October 2016, 09:30 in Apps

Appy Shoppers: Creating the In-App Retail Experience Customers Want

Take a look at your phone’s home screen. There’s a strong chance that at least one of the apps you’re looking at exists primarily...

- 14 September 2016, 09:30 in Apps

Enhancing Your Brand Through Web and Mobile Apps

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- 13 September 2016, 07:00 in Apps

Why Should Schools, Colleges and Universities Invest in Mobile Apps?

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- 6 September 2016, 11:30 in Apps

Beyond App Development to the App Ecosystem

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- 6 September 2016, 07:00 in Apps

A Story of Instagram Vs. Snapchat

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- 19 July 2016, 15:00 in Apps

Beware the Social Media 'Filter Bubble'

A few Fridays ago, I was rudely jolted awake by the news that the nation had voted Brexit. This came as a profound shock to me personally, and...

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