Pay per click continues to be an advantageous part of any brand’s marketing armoury, but the increasing focus on Product Listing Advertising within the Search space is now creating a further and larger lucrative avenue for savvy advertisers.

The internet has made it so easy for us to find and buy whatever we need from wherever in the world, and we’re all extremely comfortable with the concept of browsing and buying online now. This massive shift in purchasing habits has therefore not gone unnoticed by the big Search giants of Amazon and Google who are battling to grab as much revenue as they can from online shopping and in turn are creating an even greater opportunity for brands to increase their exposure and sales potential.

Until February this year, Amazon dominated the marketplace scene offering advertisers three distinct ways to sell their products: Amazon Product Ads, Adsense and, of course, Amazon Marketplace. However, once Google shifted its once free Google Shopping proposition to a paid-for model, the landscape changed dramatically.

With its sights firmly set on Amazon’s shopping crown, Google has significantly ramped up its exposure of its Product Listing Ads, doubling its traffic each quarter since it started charging advertisers. Alongside this, CPCs have increased 53% year-on-year as a result of more and more advertisers using them and even before the charges came in, figures were showing that Google was sending 96% more traffic to merchants than Amazon.

The playing field is therefore so much bigger now, but such rapid growth means that a solid PLA strategy is more important than ever. Advertisers need to have a well set-up and fully functioning product feed to ensure only the most relevant products are shown against search queries, and the use of specialist third party tools will give them the competitive edge to succeed in the online shopping arena already valued at over $14billion for the past 12 months alone.


By Greg Burgess, Director of Digital Advertising at Found.

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