Over 80% of customers tell friends and family about their positive experiences with a company, finds new research commissioned by Yonder Digital Group. The research found that consumers are just as likely to share a good experience as a bad one.

In an age where one negative tweet can send a company’s popularity into free-fall, businesses fear bad reviews and public complaints more than ever. It is commonly believed that consumers are much more vocal about complaints than they are about recommendations.

But the boom in social media usage since the Millennium has turned us into a ‘like’ generation, with networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn providing users with a ‘Like’ button to show appreciation for posts and photos. In fact, of the 1,000 UK consumers surveyed, over a third (38%) said they post about positive experiences with a company on social media.

The results clearly show that it would be a mistake for businesses to focus solely on social media, as a far greater proportion of people tell others about their good experiences (89%) than post it on social media. This is reflected across all age groups, whether respondents are in their twenties or sixties.

However, there is less consistency across age groups when it comes to sharing experiences online, as younger age groups are more likely than their older peers to use online channels. As a large segment of consumers is expressing feedback away from social media, a deeper analysis of customer sharing is required to produce commercial gains.

Graham Ede, Yonder Digital Group, said: “We’re now a society that shares good experiences and bad ones, so new techniques need to be developed to remind customers to share, and to make sharing easier. To start with, companies need to gain a better understanding of the different communication channels used by their customers, if they wish to encourage more positive feedback.

“It is crucial to offer customers a range of channels – both live and automated – for getting in touch. Pioneering organisations that understand each customer’s individual mix of channel preferences – email, mail, phone, social, webchat, and so on – are more likely to achieve excellent customer service, and secure top-rate reviews as a result.”


By Jonathan Davies, editor, Digital Marketing Magazine

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